"Bsn, much more than a supply company"


At the beginning of 2001 Bsn was established to supply the demand of a booming and expanding Spanish professional nautical market, knowing how to capture the specific needs of this market. Since its inception, the company has based its objectives on four sections that define its essence: technical advice or service, customer service, global supply solution to the professional and training program.

As a dynamic and dynamic company, Bsn has been able to offer its customers a wide range of products and services.

As a dynamic and constantly evolving company, it has been able to adapt to the needs of each moment offering in a close way the necessary advice and supply in the sector of shipbuilding, repair or maintenance of boats both sport and professional, protecting and collaborating in a transparent and close way with the customer, understanding that the basis of its business is based on the close and collaborative relationship between customer and supplier.

Today Bsn has become a reference in the professional nautical sector, having the first brands of the sector, which means a wide solvency and confidence in the professional nautical market.

At Bsn we are not only suppliers, our essence defines us as collaborators, as an extension of the business of our customers, the success of their projects is the basis of our success, for this we strive every day trying to adapt our extensive experience and service, thanking the trust placed in our management, knowing that our most important asset is our customers.

We offer quality and personalized advice. Among our values are closeness and honesty, thanks to which we can build solid and lasting relationships, which in turn reflect transparency in each of our dealings.

But the provision of what we believe our customers demand, goes even beyond all this, that is why we put special emphasis on after sales service, so that our customers can feel at ease and have the assurance that we will advise them in the most effective way to help them in solving any problems throughout the work process, because the growth of our customers and ours, is closely linked to teamwork.


Technical advice

Technical advice

"Your project is our project"


We need to know as much information as possible about the project.

A fundamental part of our objectives is the success of the projects of our clients, for this we need to know all possible information about the project, the expectations, and adjust according to the needs of each situation. The best way to know all this information is through face-to-face visits or telephone call with the client, to know in situ or first hand the state of the boat and its peculiarities.

After knowing all the information, we take care of advising the best type of repair adjusting to the possibilities or expectations, the preparation of budgets that include: painting schemes, technical information, calculation of liters and budget of recommended products.

In this way the customer has all the necessary information to be able to prepare the budget to the owner of the boat.

Within this dynamic we accompany you throughout the repair process and we are available to clarify any doubts or setbacks that may arise throughout the process, from start to finish.

Undoubtedly, the most effective way of joint success is to offer and provide all the possible and concrete information available to the customer.

On the other hand, on our website, you can also find easily, any technical data sheet of the products, as well as application manuals, videos or any kind of relevant information we have. For us it is always important to keep learning, because in this way, we can offer the most updated information to our customers, that is why we consider of great importance, to attend fairs, congresses and other events within the sector, which help us to update the offer, both products and services.

Our evolution is reflected in better attention and better service.

Customer support

Customer support

"Our most important asset, our customers"


We are dedicated to customer service.

Our main objective is to be focused on customer service to meet and go beyond their expectations. We are specialized in the exclusive distribution to the professional of the sector, which makes us know better their needs and requirements.

For us, customer proximity is paramount, you know that you can count on us throughout the process, so we put at your service all the means to ensure that this proximity exists. We are at your service.

You can reach us by phone, in person or through our website, and we will attend you in the fastest and most professional way, to be always at the height of any of your needs.

Without forgetting the simplicity in the management of orders, which can also be made through different means, our website, always operational, by telephone or through our internal management platform.

In the same way, we offer an exchange service or product returns without any penalty, thus avoiding the cost of products not used by the customer, facilitating and optimizing investment in the projects to be carried out.

Stock and logistics

Stock and logistics

"What is necessary, at the necessary time, always on time"


While it is not always easy to have everything at all times.

Although it is not always easy to have everything available at all times, at Bsn we want our customers not to lack what they need, so we have a safety stock that will allow us to provide them with what they need when they need it.

As a supplying company, we are aware of the importance of being able to meet the demand and be prepared for any unforeseen event that may be required by the customer.

We are able to provide our customers with the necessary supplies at any time.

We have our own delivery service by means of vans or an external transport service with a delivery time of 24/48 hours to any point of the peninsula or Balearic Islands, always complying with the current regulations for the transport of goods.

Stock and logistics



"Training, the basis of knowledge and confidence"

In order to improve knowledge of new or evolving products, we would like to highlight our customized training programs, which are aimed at gaining greater security, confidence and skill with respect to the service offered by the professional to its customers.

These trainings are designed to be given at the customer's premises, at the manufacturer's premises or at the company's own facilities. Practical demonstrations of the products are carried out, learning their characteristics, features and limitations in order to be able to offer them with greater knowledge and professionalism.

Nowadays products are in constant evolution, that is why Bsn is always ready to inform you of the latest developments with the support of the manufacturers, also offering the possibility of demonstrations of new products that we are adding to our offer, without forgetting those that already exist.

With all this, our aim and objective is not only to supply products quickly and efficiently, but also to make known and share all our experience within the sector to cover all possible areas.